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Menthol Crystals that are offered by us are obtained from menthol oil. Of utility in different industries,these crystals are very much in demand across the world. They serve a useful purpose in the cosmetic, medical and food industry.

Common Names :
Minty NaturalCooling.

Blends With :
Alcohol, Chloroform & Ether.

Constituents :
99.50 min Laevo-menthol.

Uses :
Menthol Crystals are widely used in the food, flavour, perfumery and medical industry. It is used in the preparation of different perfumes, mouth fresheners, tooth paste, balms, salves, inhalers, pain killers, etc.


CAS # 2216-51-5
 Country of Origin India
 Color & Odor White/Clear with Characteristic of menthol, camphorous odor
 Solubility Soluble in Alcohol, Chloroform & Ether slightly
 Specific Gravity 0.89
 Optical Rotation (-49) -(-50)
 Refractive Index N/A
 Flash Point 199.4ªF
 Extraction Method Freezing